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Montana NFT

Montana NFT

Montana NFT is a dedication to farmers. An original collection of 5555 unique Montana frogs created by farmers son to build a just and prosperous community in technology empowerment.

The word Montana is taken from the Latin name for "the Javanese Katak-tanduk", Megophrys montana. The frog looks brave, sturdy and dignified and friendly with the farmers while looking for water sources for the rice fields.

In 2021, most poor households have the main source of income in the agricultural sector.
The second most poor household has the main source of income from other sectors.
Montana NFT
Montana Foundation and PeryogiLabs

Montana's main goal is to offer a new approach to individual services and projects intended to help farmers thrive. Montana achieves this by providing access to a blockchain service that was fully developed by the PeryogiLabs team and currently not being offered by any other platform.

Montana is a service provider with a focus on Polygon, offering a range of services across multiple blockchain networks. Our strategy involves a phased approach, which we designed based on the needs of the Polygon ecosystem and the communities it serves. We believe that Montana will play a vital role in the growth and development of the Polygon NFT ecosystem.

Montana NFT was formed with the situation, richness of traditions, culture and social environment that will give meaning to the community that it is very important to maintain and preserve what has been taught by the ancestors. #FarmerLife


Why Farmers?

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Not all farmers have a pleasant life. Even in some countries, the figure of a farmer is identical to the poverty line.



Many children of farmers who experience educational injustice caused by economic conditions. We really want them to live in their potential who can enjoy higher education.


Important Economic

Our main project is to build a creative economy in agriculture and plan a processed agricultural product that is expected to help build the economy.



With the existence of the Montana NFT, it is hoped that people will be aware of who really needs to be assisted because farmers are the first food providers, so they are the main ones to be assisted in all fields, both the economy and technology transfer.


Montana's Roadmap

Phase 01 Q1 2022

Research and Development

PeryogiLabs journey of more than 1 year analyzing the condition of farmers to carry out this project, it turns out that we see a lot of suffering in the countryside, we wrote all forms in a manifesto.

Phase 02 Q2 2022

Production Development

Producing art and collaboration artist with strategy planning in the long term of the project and committed to producing maximum economic value.

Phase 03 Q1 2023

Testing and Montana Drop

Updating infrastructure and preparing for the launch phase, 5,555 Montana NFTs was dropped in March'23 on the Polygon blockchain. Made up to 160+ hand-drawn characters and a staggering size (436" x 436"), holders own 100% commercial rights to their Montana and gain access to the entire Montana ecosystem with a 5% creator fee.

Phase 04 Q3 2023

Giving Back

For each Montana minted we'll build a variety of needs for farmers and provide free schooling for their children as the growth of the creative economy. Montana will cooperate for research and decision making in determining the need for agricultural products as part of initiatives in world economic recovery which will be determined as the project matures.

Phase 05 Q4 2023

Montana Foundation Guard

Montana ArtDrops was launched with an ERC-721A custom contract featuring NFT artist collabs where we'll create airdrops for Montana holders and LFG alumni who are actively joining MFG, to gain impactful exposure to the Montana NFT community as the love of holders initiative that has made us successful.

Phase 06 Q4 2023

Montana Agricultural Product

We will build partnerships with various agricultural product development companies in the form of fertilizers, snacks and others to print "INPARI" and "BOTANI" editions from Montana as limited editions which will be distributed directly to top holders. More info soon..

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Let's celebrate with a cup of coffee!

All information about the project is available on the Montana NFT channel.

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