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Privacy Policy

How We protect User privacy

With this privacy policy, Montana NFT's commitment to running a service system, hereinafter referred to as the site, is serious evidence in maintaining user confidentiality in Montana NFT services. We are committed to managing, guaranteeing and protecting User's personal data and complying with applicable laws and regulations. At the same time adjusting to the policies that we have set.

We hope that Users can read and understand the various policies that we have set (along with the policies in the "Terms & Conditions of Service"). In this policy there is information about how we process, manage, store, collect, display, disclose, analyze, acquire or anything related to management that Users provide to Montana NFT.

By accessing the Montana NFT site, the User acknowledges that he agrees to this privacy policy and the information provided to Montana NFT is appropriate and valid and agrees that Montana NFT manages, stores, collects and processes the data that the User has provided.

Required Information

Montana NFT collects information when you access and use the Montana NFT website services. We collect User's personal data information when; (a) the user creates an account or registers on our website or a third party; (b) Users take advantage of every service we provide, for example reading articles and activating website notifications on our services or third parties; (c) Users browse products from Sellers registered on Montana NFT websites or third parties; (d) Users accept cookies; (e) Users communicate and interact with our customer service either through social media, live chat, email and others related to Montana NFT services.

Data Usage

Montana NFT uses User data with the intent and purpose in the preparation, development, notification of service usage. Montana NFT guarantees that there is no sale, transfer, and action that harms Users in managing, processing and obtaining data.

Behavioral Ads

As described above, we use User Personal Information to provide Users with targeted advertising or marketing communications that we believe may be of interest to Users. Through "Web beacons", "tags", and "pixels" as electronic files used to record information about how Users browse the Site.

Revocation of Consent

If the User intends not to re-subscribe and withdraw the consent of the personal data that the User provides to the Montana NFT service, the User can communicate from any channel that we provide either via e-mail and other social media listed on the Montana NFT website.

With this, Montana NFT will no longer provide various kinds of notifications in the form of product offer promotions or advertisements to Users. Montana NFT will not process and reuse User data as required by the Montana NFT site in terms of User interaction.

Information Storage

The storage of User information related to Montana NFT is a maximum of 1 (one) year if the User continues to carry out activities on the Montana NFT service as described by cookies. “Cookies” are data files that are placed on a User's device or computer and often include a unique anonymous identifier.

Data Protection Policy Changes

As a form of Montana NFT's efforts in managing and protecting Users' personal data, we will continue to review and analyze each of the policies we have set, both in the collection, processing, management, storage, disclosure, utilization to Montana NFT's efforts to protect User's personal data. . We will continue to make updates and changes so that the policies we set will be accepted and run effectively according to the needs of each party concerned.

Last updated: 30 Aug, 2022

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